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Thank you all for a great semester!!!



Peer Evaluation & InDesign Extra Credit Project


We will make in-class presentations on Thursday, July 27th.  This will be our last official day of class.  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY!  You will be expected to speak about your video, as well as play it in class.  This will count as an in-class assignment.  Failure to not show up and present will result in lowering your overall grade by 3%.

Everyone must email me their Peer Evaluation form NO LATER THAN TUESDAY, JULY 26.  FAILURE TO DO SO WILL RESULT IN A REDUCTION OF YOU OVERALL GRADE IN THE CLASS.  You can find the form below:

Feature Report Peer Evaluation

I have posted the InDesign extra credit project.  This project will add 2% towards your overall grade in the class, and can be found by clicking here:

InDesign Extra Credit Project

This project is due no later than Friday, July 28th.  Please make sure you ONLY upload the .indd file into your Google Drive folder.  Please send me an email when you have done so.


1) Download & copy the following file to your external drive:


2) Un-zip and open the photos in Adobe Photoshop.

3) Adjust the pictures using the techniques you have learned in class

(composition, exposure, color correction, etc.).

4) Add text with a stroke, drop shadow and transparency (if necessary).

to at least two of the photos.

5) Select two of the photos you took in class and adjust them as well.

6) Upload your finished photos to your Google Drive.

7) This assignment must be completed and uploaded by Friday, July 14

in order to receive full credit.