Extra Credit For The Feature Report

In order to receive extra credit for the feature report (5% added to your feature report grade), I need both parties involved to send me an email outlining specifically what they did to help each other on their respective projects (dates, times, specific responsibilities, etc.).  Here is a sample email you should provide:

Hi Professor Perez,

For my feature report on the National Student Exchange, I enlisted the help of fellow classmate Eli Vera to work with me on my project.  Eli’s main responsibility was to serve as talent (doing the stand-ups, the voice-overs. and conducting the interviews).  I shot my project on three days (July 16th, July 18th & July 19th).  During this time, Eli was with me for all of the activities, including the recording of the the b-roll.  She also helped me to transport and set up the equipment.  As you can see from the photos provided, I also enlisted the help of other professionals that I know who work  in the broadcast industry.  Eli’s help was invaluable to the completion of my project.


Jay Sandhouse


Visual evidence is required as well.

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